Fee Schedule

Fees & Service Charges

Effective October 1, 2017

Share Savings Accounts
One-time Membership Fee FREE
Paper Statement (waived with e-statements) $1.00 per month***
Account Closure within 12 months $15.00
Second Chance Savings (previous with Chex Systems) $7.50 per month
Inactive Account Fee (no activity over 12 months) $2.00 semi-annually
Withdrawal in Excess of two per month $2.00 each
Electronic Wire $25.00 each
Item, Deposit, or ACH Returned Unpaid “NSF” (insufficient funds)
◊Account will be debited, additional charges could be incurred.
$30.00 each
Fair Share Fee (average balance of $100 or less with a Savings Account only) $4.00 per month
Convenience Services
Phone Banking with Express Teller FREE
Internet Banking with It’s Me 247 FREE
E-Statements, Alerts / E-Notices, Check Imaging with It’s Me 247 FREE
Transfers within account and Cross-Member transfers – Express Teller/It’s Me 247 FREE
Share Draft Checking
Monthly Service Charge No Charge
Inactive Account Fee – 90 days or more $2.00 per month*
Minimum balance to avoid Inactive Account Fee $750.00
Item, Deposit, or ACH Returned Unpaid “NSF” (insufficient funds)
◊Account will be debited, additional charges could be incurred.
$30.00 each
Paid Item, NSF or UCF ($25.00 plus $5.00 processing fee) case-by-case basis $30.00 each
Stop Payment Order $25.00 each
Overdraft Protection Transfer (from shares or line-of-credit) $4.00 each
Phone Transfer (waived through Express Teller or It’s Me 247) $2.00 each*
Order of Personalized Drafts Cost varies
 Copy of Paid Draft (2 free per month) $2.00 each
Account Reconcilement / Account Research $25.00 minimum charge
Second Chance Checking (previous with Chex Systems) $7.50 per month
ATM Cards
Savings / Checking Withdrawal                 STAR OR CIRRUS Network $1.50 each
Savings Withdrawal – Co-Op Network $1.00 each
Checking Withdrawal – Co-Op Network FREE
Point-of-Sale (PIN Based Only) $0.50 each
Account Inquiry or Attempted Transactions FREE
ATM Card Maintenance $7.00 each
ATM Overdrawn Account $25.00 each
ATM Adjustments $10.00 each
ATM Deposit (empty envelope) $25.00 each
Miscellaneous Services
Cashier’s Checks (waived if share balance over $10,000) $5.00 each
Third-Party Checks (two or more) $1.00 each
Duplicate Statements $2.00 each
Interim Statement (first one free) $2.00 each
Cash Checks for Non-Members $2.00 each
IRA Account Annual Maintenance 2% of total
Loan Payment Item Returned Unpaid $30.00 each
Loan Extension Agreements $25.00 each
Loan Document Follow-up $20.00 month
Failure to Provide Collateral Insurance $50.00 each time
Demand Request – Written Payoff $25.00 per request
Demand Update $10.00
Collection Costs: Repossession $50.00
Tax Levy and/or Garnishment $25.00 action
Locator Service (address change not reported) $3.00
I.D. Card Reissue $2.00 each
Express Mail Handling $5.00 + cost
Lien Satisfied $10.00
Golden Club Members (55 & older eligible to join)
Monthly Service Charge-Share Draft Checking FREE
Order of Personalized Drafts (limit 1 Box of LOGO Checks) FREE**

* Inactive Account Fee is waived if you have $2,500.00 in any deposit account other than share draft checking or you are 55 or older.

**Member must have Direct Deposit in order to be eligible for free checks.

***Waived if under 18 years of age or 65 and older.

◊ The charges will normally be deducted from the applicable account if the balance is sufficient.  Otherwise, the charge will be deducted from any of your accounts at the Credit Union and will be shown on the appropriate statement of account.